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has an unparalleled reputation for expertise in this area with all facilitators certified providers of Circle of Security Individualised therapeutic intervention and Circle of Security-Parenting


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Parenting Mindfully recognises that parenting is possibly the hardest thing we’ll ever do but with the greatest rewards.

With this in mind, this website is focused on supporting parents and care-givers of children and young people through the delivery of evidence based programs and counselling services.

Parenting Mastery Program

Parenting Mastery Program (Circle of Security-Parenting ©) is an 8-session program on parenting which leads you, step-by-step, through being able to read your child’s difficult behaviours as a way of communicating their emotional need.

Individual Circle of Security-Parenting DVD program (online)

For those who are feeling they might need more one-on-one support, this course, as outlined above, can be delivered to you on-line, individually. Just you (or you and your partner) and a qualified facilitator.


For first time, this course can be completed in the comfort of your home and before the birth of your baby with four (4) on-line personal follow-up sessions with your facilitator after the baby is born.

Individual counselling on-line/skype

One-hour, individual counselling sessions are available with a highly experienced clinician, all experienced in the following:

  • Attachment theory
  • Trauma
  • Parenting
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

And much, much, more.


“With Kate’s help our family were able to learn how to respond gently and sensitively to my children’s needs” both every day and through some difficult times such as separation and serious maternal illness. Techniques that had worked with previous children weren’t effective with one of my children and strategies that Kate taught were a game changer for this child in particular. She has been able to work towards overcoming some very difficult behaviours and anxieties”.

- Client



Newsletters discussing a new topic will be forwarded each fortnight. These newsletters will continue to not only expand your knowledge and deeper understanding of yourself and child, but will also provide the comfort that you are not alone in your parenting journey with any questions from parents being answered over the weeks.

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